Why we do, what we do.


a capsule hotel blending design & technology to promote a sustainable culture, one quality sleep at a time.

Recognizing the realities of our citizens: overworked, sleep-deprived and lacking in space, we aspire to provide a space for recharge, whenever one needs it.

Building upon the architectural concept originated from Japan in the 1970s, we are infusing it with new purpose, designs and technologies. Our hourly and overnight plans provide flexible options to our guests; our online check-in and keyless entry simplifies the user experience; Our circadian lighting based on scientific principles is designed to induce quality sleep.

Centrally located in Sheung Wan, minutes of walking from Central, our pilot project is situated right between Queen's Road Central and Gough Street, in the middle of a staircase.

SLEEEP is also recipient of the Design for Asia Awards 2017 (Silver).

Follow our ongoing development:

LEEDv4 ID+C Hospitality
Guest House License
HK Invention Patent


Knowing well that no one is watching, so long as you wish.
A full-height personal locker that fits luggage up to 500mm(w) x 300(d) x 900(h). We also handle extra large luggage.
That fits nicely into your locker.
Free Wifi
Invisible but useful.
Power Supply
Have your devices recharged while you recharge yourself.
Rain Shower
Hot and strong, or not; it's up to you.
Fresh Towels
Made of organic cotton.
Hair Dryer
So you can sleep or leave with a dry head.
Our SLPers are strong and sturdy, the turning of your neighbor cannot bother you.
Drinking Water
Because water is the source of life (on earth.)
So comfy you would like to take them home. And you should.
Experience Officer
Our X.O. will do their best to help make your stay a pleasant one.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a capsule hotel?


A capsule hotel is a genre of hotel originated from Japan in the 1960s. It features self-contained beds with high-degree of privacy. In Japan it primarily serves a different purpose, but we have appropriated this spatial concept to a new context, for a new purpose.


Do you call your beds capsules then?


At SLEEEP, we call our uniquely designed, patent-pending beds SLPers (pronounced as sleepers.)


What will I be sharing?


You will be sharing two toilets and two shower rooms with a maximum of 7 other guests. The shower rooms have a dry area for your clothes and a bench for you to sit down and change.


How is my quality sleep ensured?


We recognize that every individual have different preferences, that's why we encourage our users to personalize their beds after the booking is made. We have active fresh air supply into each capsule, and a magnetic felt curtain to ensure your privacy and absolute darkness if so desired. The real-wood lining and circadian lighting inside your SLPer will help tune down your body and mind. While we cannot guarantee quality sleep, we have users who have expressed that they sleep better in our SLPers than at their home; others who have gotten their rare deep sleep at SLEEEP, despite their insomnia.


How many people will a SLPer fit?




Are my sheets clean?


Yes, your bed is always made to your personal preference with fresh and clean bedding as you arrive. For multi-day guests, as a respect for your privacy as well as the environment, we will only change your beddings (free of charge) if you make a request.


Why SLEEEP with 3 E(s)?


As a business we are literally stressing the importance of sleep: a universal experience that is practiced by Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere.


World's First
LEEDv4 (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)
ID+C Hospitality Certification

From our paperless operations to the heat recovery system for the hot showers, we deeply care about energy and resource savings - thus our insistence and investments in becoming LEED certified. But there is much more to sustainability than physical attributes. It is an attitude, a value, a habit, a culture. Sustainability requires a unified purpose in both hardware and software - material and culture.

A simple look at the ecosystem, we will find that there is no sustainability without recharge. That applies to nearly every living being on our planet. It applies to every one of us. A well rested self is the first step of positive change forward.

Sleeep takes us further.

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1 to 14 nights
up to 6 months in advance.
Starting at HKD 399 / night
Same day booking everyday for 1, 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours
Last check-in at 11:30pm
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