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“Sleep is an essential activity that is practiced by everyone, everyday, everywhere. Yet, in a stressful and overworked environment such as Hong Kong, that foundation is sacrificed in the name of improving living standards. We thought that contradictory and unsustainable.” says Jun Rivers, one of the two founders of SLEEEP. “With our new hospitality concept we hope to offer a sanctuary for people to relax and recharge. It’s a breathing space within a suffocating environment. We truly believe that high quality, sufficient sleep can take us further in both professional and personal lives by revitalizing our bodies, sharpening our minds, enhancing our creativity and strengthening our resilience.”

The SLEEEP experience is centered on the patent-pending capsule – named SLPer®. Each SLPer provides an intimate space to deliver exceptional quality sleep. From the metal skin to the real wood lining inside; the rounded corners to the indirect lighting, every detail of the SLPer is designed for quality sleep. Once inside, a guest would be enclosed by an innovative magnetic curtain that is quiet to operate and effective for privacy. The circadian lighting, active air supply and climate control are utilized based on scientific findings to give its occupants the highest quality sleep possible. The thoughtful comforts, minimalist aesthetics and subtle yet meaningful use of technology come together to deliver an affecting, efficient recharge, whenever one needs it.

Guests at SLEEEP® also enjoy a seamless online-to-offline user experience through a bespoke digital service system unique to the brand. Upon booking on its website for either an hourly or overnight stay, a guest would be able to pick their preferred mattress firmness, pillow type and blanket thickness. One could also pre-upload an image of their I.D.s to speed up the arrival process. The check-in and out process is then but a simple, card-less interaction via a QR code sent to your mobile. Aside from the guests themselves, laptops and devices can also be recharged at convenient charging ports available throughout the space. SLEEEP X.O.s (Experience Officers) are always available physically or virtually to provide further assistance.

SLEEEP sees sustainability as part of its mission. Pending to be the first capsule hotel in the world to be LEED v4 certified (ID+C: Hospitality), SLEEEP’s commitment to the environment is evident from the paperless operations, 100% LED lightings, the heat recovery system for the hot showers, the organic cotton towels and locally sourced amenity options. All that aside, the core service that SLEEEP provides is in itself an advocation for a more sustainable lifestyle on an individual level.

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Knowing well that no one is watching, so long as you wish.
A full-height personal locker that fits luggage up to 500mm(w) x 300(d) x 900(h). We also handle extra large luggage.
That fits nicely into your locker.
Invisible but useful.
Have your devices recharged while you recharge yourself.
Hot and strong, or not; it's up to you.
Made of organic cotton.
So you can sleep or leave with a dry head.
Our SLPers are strong and sturdy, the turning of your neighbor cannot bother you.
Because water is the source of life (on earth.)
So comfy you would like to take them home. And you should.
Our X.O. will do their best to help make your stay a pleasant one.


Frequently Asked Questions


A capsule hotel is a genre of hotel originated from Japan in the 1960s. It features self-contained beds with high-degree of privacy. In Japan it primarily serves a different purpose, but we have appropriated this spatial concept to a new context, for a new purpose.


At SLEEEP, we call our uniquely designed, patent-pending beds SLPers
(pronounced as sleepers.)


You will be sharing two toilets and two shower rooms with a maximum of 7 other guests. The shower rooms have a dry area for your clothes and a bench for you to sit down and change.


We recognize that every individual have different preferences, that's why we encourage our users to personalize their beds after the booking is made. We have active fresh air supply into each capsule, and a magnetic felt curtain to ensure your privacy and absolute darkness if so desired. The real-wood lining and circadian lighting inside your SLPer will help tune down your body and mind. While we cannot guarantee quality sleep, we have users who have expressed that they sleep better in our SLPers than at their home; others who have gotten their rare deep sleep at SLEEEP, despite their insomnia.




Yes, your bed is always made to your personal preference with fresh and clean bedding as you arrive. For multi-day guests, as a respect for your privacy as well as the environment, we will only change your beddings (free of charge) if you make a request.


As a business we are literally stressing the importance of sleep: a universal experience that is practiced by Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere.


SLEEEP is 22 km away from Hong Kong International Airport, 600 m from Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, and a 10-minute walk from Hong Kong MTR Central Station.

The average price of:
A taxi from the airport is HK$300-400 and takes 30 minutes.
The train from the airport is HK$120 and takes 24 minutes.
A bus from the airport is HK$15-45 and takes 45-60 minutes (check bus times).

Check out this video of how to get from the MTR station to Sleeep.
Get directions here.


No. Unfortunately, due to our location, Sleeep is not accessible to wheelchairs.


Each guest is provided with their own personal coded locker with metal basket and hanger rail with hanger for clothes.

The minimum size of our lockers are
90cm height x 30cm depth x 48cm width


We provide natural hand soap, shampoo and conditioner along with hand and face towels for free. However, we do not provide toothbrushes and toothpaste for free like other capsule hotels in Asia. However, we do have a reusable toothbrush set for sale for our guests. We believe that reusable quality goods is the most effective way to reduce waste and to make the world more sustainable.


Well, we are glad you asked! Here at Sleeep through the end-to-end design we have considered everything: starting with a reinforced concrete door to soundproof the premises from the outside, the soothing music and essential oils used to help create an atmosphere paradoxical to the hustle and bustle of the surroundings, to the customisation of the beds to each guests preferences and the responsive lighting, the sheer attention to detail is, we have been told, impeccable. This is reinforced by Sleeep’s multiple awards for eco consciousness, unique design and forward thinking, including being the world’s first in LEEDv4 (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) in the ID+C Hospitality category.

Ever wondered what the perfect night's sleep is like? Our endeavour to create the perfect sleeping experience is what drives us and we feel we are getting pretty close.


Sleeep has been designed specifically as a place for peaceful slumber and recharge. We also encourage near silence around the property and hushed tones to ensure the quality of sleep for other guests. While we do not have a communal area on site, SLEEEP is centrally located around scores of bars and restaurants. We encourage our guests to become friends and explore the city together.


We have a page dedicated to all our press/media stuff, hopefully this should cover the basics but if you have further questions or want to organise a chat/interview then shoot us a message at [email protected].


Most certainly, while one of our XOs would be more than happy to look after your luggage for you for a few hours. While we do our best to look after the luggage, we do not assume responsibility for any loss or damage.


Sleeep has an automated check-in system that is available 24 hours a day, whether you arrive at 3PM or 3AM, it’s just as simple and flexible. If you do plan to arrive late, though, it is best to give us a call / email and let us know ahead.


SLEEEP 242 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong - LEED ID+C Hospitality V4 Gold

From our paperless operations to the heat recovery system for the hot showers, we deeply care about energy and resource savings - thus our insistence and investments in becoming LEED certified. But there is much more to sustainability than physical attributes. It is an attitude, a value, a habit, a culture. Sustainability requires a unified purpose in both hardware and software - material and culture.

A simple look at the ecosystem, we will find that there is no sustainability without recharge. That applies to nearly every living being on our planet. It applies to every one of us. A well rested self is the first step of positive change forward.

Sleeep takes us further.


SLEEEP Design for Asia Award

SLEEEP’s persistent effort in pursuing sustainability and the synthesis of technology, design and humanity to improve Hong Kong people’s quality of life has lead to what we believe to be the creation of the ultimate dream incubator, both literally and figuratively.

SLEEEP's inimitable user experience has been crafted end-to-end from an unmatched attention to detail, with the intention or forming an atmosphere optimal for slumber; with responsive lighting, organic cotton linen, vegan eco-down and memory foam pillows, and the option to customise mattress and duvet to our guest's preference. From the moment our reinforced sound-proof concrete door closes behind you, our essential oil blend would have started to lift the stress from your shoulders, the circadian lighting would have eased the strain in your eyes, and the sound of Hong Kong's bustling streets will be but a distant memory.

SLEEEP may be limited in space, but the user experience is uncompromising.


SLEEEP Red Dot 2018 product design award

The SLEEEP experience is centred around our originally designed, patented, SLPers, and features a tactful use of technology to promote sustainability both in terms of the environment and lifestyle.

"The nifty design of the SLPer results in a remarkable sleeping accommodation. The use of high-quality materials completes the clever concept." - Red Dot Judge

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