A global meditation experiment: virtual community sittings of 30 minutes each, guided by a Zen Monk, moderated by the co-founder of SLEEEP, situated in the oldest Zen-temple of Kyoto, delivered on the cloud, for the whole wide world.


Global Community

The series is designed for anyone who wishes to find more peace and mindfulness and to meet virtually with a global community amid this disruptive time. We believe this may bring peace to many of us.

There are 3 sessions / week:


Thursday: 8:30 am

9:00 am

4:30 pm

Hong Kong

Thursday: 7:30 am

8:00 am

3:30 pm

US West Coast

W: 4:30pm‍

5:00 pm

Thursday 0:30 am

US East Coast

Wednesday: 7:30 pm


Thursday 3:30 am


Thursday: 1:30 am

2:00 am

9:30 am

*Check-in time: 10-minutes before starting.
Open to all, you can join in whichever sessions you like.

Who Will Lead the Series?

Toryo Ito Sensei is the young unorthodox vice Abbot of Ryosoku-in, Kenin-ji, one of the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto. Recognized as a visionary monk through his innovative approach to Zen practice and diverse cultural collaborations with world-class artists and designers, he has been invited by universities and corporates around the world to teach about Zen, meditation, and happiness. Toryo-sensei's teaching blends centuries of wisdom with contemporary topics, mystic postures with physiological logic.

Jun Rivers is the co-founder of the living/wellness-tech start-up SLEEEP, best known to-date for its capsule living network spanning across Hong Kong, Bangkok and Basel. A Harvard-trained architect, international award-winning designer, software engineer veteran, and the first lived-in Artist in Residence of Ryosoku-in, Jun brings interdisciplinary and contemporary approaches to his life-long personal pursuit of Zen.

* The Sessions will be conduct in both English and Japanese


Why Not through an App or Video?

There are great apps and videos/audios for guided meditation these days. I have tried a number of them as well. Here’s why we believe this series will be different:

The environment  -  The series will be filmed live at Ryosoku-in, with the environment perfected for meditation over the centuries. The quality of the aged wood and the atmosphere is more powerful than the recorded sounds of chipping birds.

Interaction  -  There will be a time for conversation time towards the end of each session, . In response, each day a thoughtful question, as part of the Zen tradition, will be asked for you to take home, ponder upon and put into practice. They may be encouraging, meaningful, or fun!

Community   -   I have the unforgettable experiences of a community sitting together multiplying the energy, compared with sitting alone. This Cloud Sitting is a global meditation experiment, designed for an historical time.


How much will It cost?

We genuinely want to let as many people as possible be able to experience this series, thus we have decided that there would be no fees associated with joining. We do ask for a pay-as-you-wish  gesture to support our operating costs if the series is of value to your life.