A Global Meditation Experiment
Live guided meditations and discussions of 45 minutes each, guided by a Zen Monk, moderated by the co-founder of SLEEEP, situated in the oldest Zen-temple of Kyoto, delivered on the cloud, for the whole wide world.

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A Focused Mission

To dissolve the borders,
liberate our potentials;
let us live
and dream freely,
like clouds.


A regular Schedule


SAT 8:45 am

Hong Kong

SAT 7:45 am

US West Coast

FRI Afternoon

US East Coast

FRI Evening

*Check-in time: 10-minutes before starting.
Open to all, you can join in whichever sessions you like.

The Environment

The series will be filmed live at Ryosoku-in, with the environment perfected for meditation over the centuries. The quality of the aged wood and the atmosphere might be more powerful than the recorded sounds of chipping birds.

A Linguistic immersion

In Japanese, English + a bit of Chinese.

From traditional knowledge in Zen Buddhism to modern lingo in the start-up world, from Japanese to English to Chinese, this meditation group has evolved into a linguistic journey for those who wishes to not just meditate, but to immerse oneself into this vibrant cultural interaction through the intricate translations between ideas and words, languages, as well as cultures.

This may just be perfect for those who are not just interested in Zen, but also in the intersection of languages and cultures.

AN Unique approach

The EXP Cycle

Applied Meditation

We are not teachers. We are practitioners, entrepreneurs, experimenters. We hope that our combined experience in Zen ✕ Entrepreneurship and our common pursuit for a borderless world, from the inside-out, could help not just calm our minds, but inspire us to apply the wisdom of zen into our personal and professional lives.

After many discussions, design and development, we are going to conduct our courses in 4 steps.






Question + Re:define


Values + Vision


Actions + Measurements


Growth + Influence

Version up

The upward-cycle

The Global Community

Our global community comes from 22 (and growing) different countries,
though we may have never met in person, we are here for each other.


Feedbacks on v1

While the world seems to be at war at each other, full of hate, I'm so grateful that there is a global community that offers positive energy. Thank you.

From v1.3

Even though it seems like the corona virus is trying to damage our communication and cultural aspects, we can conquer this challenging situation. I can meet people from all over the world sharing a talk and feeling and we can see the same lush greenery of Kyoto together. What a wonderful experience we can have via the Internet. I appreciate all of your effort in providing us this great opportunity. It isn't a virtual, but truly a real moment because we are here and you are there – now.

[T]houghts about decision making came up for me and became a concept for a 'decision making axis', which I shared with my son and with my daughter this morning. It is a bit like a compass where True North is what feels: Positive, Right, Constructive, Helpful, and other points identify whether one needs to: Do More, Add To, Build Up, Expand. They both have their opposite compass points. I'm very grateful for this insight and look forward to our next meditation.

FRom v1.3

The Facilitators

Toryo Ito
15 years of experience leading meditation locally and internationally.His teaching’s essence lies in "Loosening up and letting go", delivered via multimedia, accessible by anyone, anytime.In order to promote the wisdom of Zen Buddhism he is active in co-creation with artists

Jun Rivers
Harvard Graduate in Architecture, UCLA in Design | Media Arts. Ex-Urban Design Software Engineer in California. Multi-international-design awards recipient.
Currently Co-founder + CEO of Living-Tech start-up SLEEEP, best known to-date for its capsule living network spanning across Hong Kong, Bangkok and Basel.


How It works

Starting with UNXE 2.0, we will be conducting our meditation sessions as follow:

45 minutes / session -  The community dialogues and guided meditations are both very meaningful parts of our practice. The Sessions will be conducted in both English and Japanese

1 session / week -  So we have time to dwell into a topic, as well as for us to produce valuable contents sustainably, we have decided to run our sessions once a week, every Saturday so people with work schedule that makes it difficult to join during the week would also be able to attend.

4 sessions / course -  Each course will be devoted to going deep on one topic that relates to our everyday lives. The topic of the next course will be voted by our community.

Sign up flow

1. Sign-up through this page

2. Receive confirmation email

3.Join the Zoom meeting via the link in the email


We genuinely want to let as many people as possible be able to experience this series, thus we have decided that there would be no fixed fees associated with joining. We do ask for a pay-as-you-wish  gesture to support our operating costs if the series is of value to your life.

Private / Team Sessions

If you are interested in having a private / team session, please feel free to contact us with your information, expected duration, and group size. Thank you.

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