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15% off for your team to recharge

As a premium capsule hotel in your neighbourhood, we would like to offer you a 15% off to all of your staff who would benefit from our services.  

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Does your team long for an energizing nap at lunch? Would they rather rest after work than commute home?
FACT: Sleep makes us more alert, improves our memory, mental agility and immunity, reduces stress, makes us happier and prolongs our lives. In short, sleep takes us further.
We are here to offer you and your team a place to recharge and get energized.

Premium capsules

Scientific Smart-bed engineered to give you the best sleep

Our capsule — the SLPer — is phenomenal. Every detail in this scientific smart-bed has been meticulously thought out to give you the best sleep possible, from the personalised blanket thickness, and the firmness of the memory foam mattress, to the sleep inducing circadian lighting, to the sound damping felt curtains. It is so phenomenal that it won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.



Flexible plan from 45-minute nap to 12h overnight

From 45-minute naps to a 9pm - 9am overnight stay, stays at SLEEEP are designed to be work with the tightest of schedules. You only pay for the time you use. When you need a power-nap or could save an hour or two travelling home after a late night shift, SLEEEP is there for you.


Take a power shower after your power nap + SPAAA + ROOOM

You can escape the sweltering summer heat and nip in for a quick eco shower, wind down in our steam sauna, or lose yourself in a film or in a book, insulated from all outside disturbance in our multi-purpose ROOOM.


Located in city center


31 wing wo St.

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242 GOUGH St.
Sheung Wan

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61 russel st.
Causeway bay

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15% off for your team to recharge

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