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October 7, 2019
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This old Swiss town along the Rhine has a population of mere 180,000, sits so close to Germany that one could take a bus to have a German dinner, grab some grocery and back on a normal evening. It is home to classical European cathedrals as well as avant-Garde architectural expressions. Few times a year, the exquisite exhibits come together in this town to turn it from its usual relaxed quietude into a world-wide attraction.

This is Basel. This is also where the first international Powered by SLEEEP deployment landed.

In a spacious apartment along the old city-wall, our bespoke (patented, Red-Dot award-winning) SLPers sit quietly in a bedroom, receiving guests and providing good sleeps as I write this

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A tranquil room in a quiet apartment
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4 SLPers sit firmly and quietly.

These SLPers -v2.3- features our classic real-pine-wood lining, sophisticated geometric details, a magnetic enclosure, and most importantly, the R.E.M.: Responsive Environmental Modulator. The R.E.M. is our patented IoT technology with a physical presence in each of our SLPers, and a cloud infrastructure that connects them all.

When Peter and I went out to Basel to set up the space and signage and our SLPers — all within a week- I had this strange experience: Just before flying out to Switzerland, I was in Hong Kong, spending the night at our new SLEEEP Shrine in Hong Kong in a SLPer. When we erected the first two SLPers in Basel, Peter and I started sleeping in the SLPers ourselves (for the dual purpose of product testing and hotel cost-saving). I woke up in the morning having this strange feeling that I have teleported. The bed was so familiar that I slept so sound and deep, despite the jet-lag. Yet, as I opened that piece of magnetic felt, I was in another room, another city, another continent

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A space that connects.

At SLEEEP, we strive to create the world’s best sleeping experience, not just for selected people at selected times in selected places, but for everyone, everyday, everywhere (hence the 3 Es). We do this by empowering spaces around the world with our technologies, systems and brand.

Basel, as a place known for its global perspective balanced with a local value on wellness, is the perfect home for our first ‘Powered by SLEEEP’

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